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evening of boxing action. and it closed out with the much anticipated rematch between adamek and cunningham. for chris mannix, freddie roach, b.j. flores, our entire staff, i'm kenny rice. thanks for watching. so long and happy holidays from bethlehem, pennsylvania. >>> thieves rough up a fedex driver and steal packages from his truck just days before christmas. >>> plus, it's getaway day f that involved traveling by plane, the wind made it slow going for some. good evening, everyone. have you been outside? it's blustery out there. been that way all day. so let's get right to storm team 4 meteorologist. that wind makes it feel colder out there tonight. >> absolutely right. it sure does. the wind, even though it's fading down now that the sunset, it's still just enough of a breeze to keep wind chills in the 20s for your saturday evening plans. how high did the winds gust this afternoon? how about 51 miles an hour at mart inzburg airport. also 51 mile per hour gusts at dulles international. 49 mile per hour in hagerstown. even in town, reagan national, a 43 per hour gust. we're
. students involved have been questioned by the police. they are now facing disciplinary action. >> a memorial service at the kennedy center will remember a young falls church woman who was killed in the caribbean. the 22-year-old died in a snorkeling accident last weekend. the university of virginia senior was part of a semester at sea program. she was on a pry vat snorkeling trip with other stunts. >> tonight, detectives are out trying to find clues in the murder of a teenager in maryland. the victim was 14 years old. shot and killed in lewisdale section, less than a mile from his house. this evening, officers are going door-to-door with fliers to try to get some information. police believe elizir raus was with two known gang members when he was killed at about 1:00 this morning. a neighbor says he heard at least five shots. >> it's a big step for same-sex couples in maryland. tomorrow, marriage licenses will start being issued for people who plan to tie the knot in the new year when the law goes into effect. erica gonzalez is in rockville with the details. >> reporter: in les
. >> whatever actions they took to divert his attention, i am sure the ones that are response bum fbum -- responsible for her being here today. >> as the community struggles with the overwhelming pain of those who are not. it is a struggle that will continue on wednesday, when there will be four funerals and three wakes. in this tiny community. jay gray, nbc news, newtown, connecticut. >> the national rifle association has broken its silence the organization says its members are shocked and heartbroken over the shootings. they have schedule aid news conference for tomorrow. meantime, democratic leaders are calling for a ban on assault weapons and extended ammunition clips. a gun shop in chantilly says sales on that type of weapon used at sandy hook have skyrocketed. >> a lot of people are concerned about recent events. what may take place if the assault ban takes back. people are buying things that they wanted to buy in the past. doing it faster probably. >> on wtop news, bob mcdonald said it is time to talk about allowing trained school personnel to carry weapons. in ape pe post, it w
people would say about but for our action and what we did, the senate probably would have passed that. we'll stay ingauged on capitol hill there's a lot of folks that want to -- republicans that want to move in another direction. want to sort of walk away from the founding principles and what republicans have stood for. we're going to hold their feet to the fire and present a different vision. >> would you like to go through it again? do you think you could win if you did it again? >> what i've said is it's four years from now. i'm going to keep my options open and we're going to stay involved in the fray and wait and see how things turn out. i felt like we were well positioned in 2012 to be the candidate that barack obama really didn't want to run against. and we'll wait and see how 2016 turns out. >> what do you take away from the race? what's the big lesson from the campaign? >> a couple of things. this idea we have to walk away from certain issues because they are not winning issues anymore, my response to that is when we play defense, we lose. and mitt romney, john mccain if you go b
the country's gun laws. lakt night the president said the tragedy marked a moment for action. lawmakers in richmond are talking about two drastically different plans. >> the budget as he appeared before the lawmakers today, but the tragic killings in connecticut still weighted heavily. >> we sat in front of the tv sobbing. >> governor mcdonald tells news4 it's simply too soon to determine whether nits legislative change is called for, but he did order all virginia school districts to review their safety policies now to determine whether there are any weaknesses or whether they need any resources. i'm going to do everything i can. >> reporter: some lawmakers are ready to look ahead to possible legislation. democrats urged oy about some virginia tech survivors have pushed bills. it allowed private gun sales to take place without background check says. senator howl says she plans to try against. >> when would be the right time, if it isn't now? i think while people are focused on it, we have to do everything we did. >> reporter: other lawmakers suggest momentum should shift the other way.
. through administrative action we must limit the proliferation of automatic weapon that have no purpose other than to kill citizens. >> the newtown tragedy could be a tipping point for some pro-gun lawmakers. >> reporter: the numbers are striking, 8,500 people died each year in gun violence. since columbine, more than 30 mass murders. the latest is chilling. >> shame on nra. >> reporter: as protesters gathered outside of washington, the nra declined to comment on the debate. but there were signs that they have. joe manchin, a life long nra member said he's rethinking his position. >> i don't know anybody that goes hunting with an assault rifle. i don't know anybody that needs those types of multiple clips as far as ammunition. >> reporter: and joe scarborough, now an nbc host also reversed himself on gun control. >> politicians can no longer be allowed to defend the statistic customer quo, they must instead be forced to defend our children. >> reporter: at least one texas republican defends the rights of owners. amid the talk of gun control, gun sales have picked up. in portland, just a
. second quarter action, eagles up 7-6. griffin with a swing pass to josh morgan. he would find the end zone. 11-yard touchdown. redskins take a 13-7 lead. third quarter now. skins up 20-13. griffin lofts this one to santana moss. he brings it in for the score. two touchdowns on the day for griffin. skins up 27-13. under ten seconds remaining now, nick foles buying some time, but he gets tracked down by bowen. foles gets rid of it, ruled intentional grounding, a ten second runoff and that's how it would end. redskins hold on to win it 27-20. >> we were playing the best ball that we have all year at the right time. we're rolling, and we all know that. it's been a change in our mindset since after the bye week. i think everybody is just doubting now. we know we can win any game we have to whether it's a high-scoring game or gut wrencher at the end. it feels good to be in this position and we've controlled our own destiny since they were 3-6 and we continue to control our own destiny until next week. >> we'll have more on the redskins win. dan hellie has locker room reaction, plus we'll ta
families, our businesses and our entire economy but the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. we're now at the point where, in just four days, every american's tax rates are scheduled to go up by law. every american's paycheck will get considerably smaller. that would be the wrong thing to do for our economy. it would be bad for middle-class families and bad for businesses that depend on family spending. fortunately congress can prevent it from happening if they act right now. i just had a good and constructive discussion here at the white house with senate and house leadership about how to prevent this tax hike on the middle class. i'm optimistic we may still be able to reach an agreement that can mass both houses in time. senators reith and mcconnell are working on such an agreement as we speak. but if an agreement isn't reached in time between senator reid and senator mcconnell, then i will urge senator reid to bring to the floor a basic package for an up-or-down vote, one that protects the middle class from an income tax hike, extends the vital lifeline of unemployment insura
that people are so uncomfortable with, even if there's more action behind the scenes. congressman, you're a californian. the supreme court is going to take up the issue of same-sex marriage with the prop eight ban in your state as well as the defense of marriage act on the federal level. do you think the days of same-sex marriage being not recognized, unrecognized as a civil right, are coming to an end? >> i think the supreme court will make the decision. prior to this election, every vote has only been it's only made it through by a legislator, not the vote of the people. in california, the people voted it down. we'll see from the supreme court sz. >> how do you see it? >> marriage equality is part of america's future. we saw that in state after state in the last election. the supreme court will take up the issue, and i hope that they understand as most of us do that this is part of our future. marriage equality and the equal treatment of people who have made this decision is part of what america is all about. >> final point, senator durbin. susan rice. will she be the president's sec
neighborhood. >>> why ford is facing a class-action lawsuit tonight over some of is hybrid cars. >>> i'm jackie bensen in southeast washington. this car fleeing from police >>> california police continued their search today for a man who jumped out of a stolen car during a high-speed chase the it happened in norwalk. this shows a police cruiser ramming the car right before it stops. two women were taken into custody at the scene. the man is still on the run after police searched the local neighborhood. >>> ford is facing a class-action lawsuit over some of is new hybrid cars. the lawsuit says the automaker fudged the capabilities for the 2013 c-max hybrid and fusion hybrid models. ford says both get 47 miles to the gallon, but a recent "consumer report" study said it's actually ten miles fewer. recently kia and hyundai had to also revise their numbers. >>> the prague zoo is attracting thousands of visitors. a baby gorilla was born there last sunday, the fourth born to the 19-year-old mother. zoo keepers are keeping their distance, so the sex is still unknown. for now, the mom and child are spen
morsi's actions also sparked protests here in our area. dozens of people marched from the white house to the egyptian embassy yesterday. they say they want a separation of church and state, and people of all religions should feel safe. >> he has drafted a constitution for his people and for himself. and we're here to protest against that. we want a constitution for everybody in egypt. we want a constitution for the muslims, for the christians and every single citizen in egypt. >> many of the protesters say they are not even from our area. >>> the top of command on the u.s. forces in afghanistan says the joint forces planned, rehearsed and successfully rescued the doctor in afghanistan. wednesday insurgents abducted him outside the afghan capital. general john allen says joseph will be returning to his family. the intelligence showed the doctor was imminent danger. >>> hugo chavez will head to chicago for more cancer treatment. he announced on state television his cancer returned and he would undergo another round of surgery in cuba. for the first time he said in-f his health worsens h
to eliminate some of that. any action you can take right now? >> i'd check your withholding. if you are one of the 75% of americans who actually gets a refund each year, reducing your withholding could put more money in your pocket and actually temper the effects of the payroll tax holiday expiration. >> good to have you on tonight. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> as we're hearing from a lot of americans worried about the fiscal cliff and its effect on their taxes on this final weekend before christmas, malls are packed across america. millions of folks, myself among them, doing a lot of last-minute shopping. nbc's michelle franzen is along 5th avenue here in midtown manhattan where the buying seems to be brisk. michelle, good evening. >> reporter: well, good evening, lester. shoppers are out tonight on this last saturday before christmas, typically one of the busiest days of the shopping season. whether shoppers are wrapping up gift buying or just getting started. but for some, that uncertainty over the fiscal economy is also affecting how much they'll spend. with just three more da
, a good samaritan risks his life to save a stranded dog. the brave man leaps into action when he sees the dog stuck in lake erie. his rescue floundered when he was not able to rescue the dog. thank goodness rescuers were able to get a boat and get to the dog and the human. >> especially when a human is sitting in the frigid cold water to save the dog. >> i'm mara schiavocampo and this is "early today." just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. just as the region gets over one storm, another strong winter weather system is on the way. we're tracking the forecast that ruin some weekend plans. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >>> i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. welcome to friday, december 28, 2012. we'll get to that forecast in just a moment. but first, new this morning, the springfield interchange is back open after a deadly crash on the beltway. three people died when a pickup truck slammed into a tractor-trailer on the ramp from the beltway to i-95. the crash happened around 7:00 last night. the cause is still under investigation. police shut down the ramp as a
florida tonight. second half action tied at 22. johnny williams goes old school. watch this nice little post up move, hook shot making it. takes the lead 24-22. a few plays later south florida with the ball. anthony collins, knocks down the three-pointer. 14 points for brock. bulls on top by one. later in the half, up by six now. collins throws up the alley-oop to rudd. patriots come back but south florida, they hold on and win it, 61-50. that's your sports for tonight. looking forward to the big time game tomorrow. redskins and cowboys. should be a good one. >> do we like these conditions tomorrow for the game? >> the redskins are at home so i like that. >> it's an advantage. >> crazy cold weather right? >> cowboys play inside all the time in their own stadium. >> all right. lots to talk about tomorrow. >> yes. >> thanks. that's our news for tonight. "saturday night live" is up next. have a great
to 286 to the beltway at 55 miles per hour. >>> this morning, ford faces a class action lawsuit claiming the company overhyped the gas mileage on some of its cars. the lawsuit says the mileage claims for the 2013 sea max hybrid and fusion hybrid models are misleading. both get 47 miles to the gallon, but a recent report study found it's actually as much as ten miles fewer per gallon than ford claims. recently, kia and hyundai also had to amend their mileage numbers after admitting they fudged the test process. >>> a dog in michigan is waking up warm thanks to a gad samaritan who most likely saved its life. the dog's owner called 9-1-1 to get help after his dog wandered on to ice there. before crews arrived, a man tried to go out on to the ice and got stuck himself. eventually, crews were able to rescue the man and the dog. animal control officers say the dog was cold, the man was cold. otherwise, they were okay. >>> i'm sure so was the rescuer as well. with winter officially here and the temperatures dropping, doctors say that many people's moods will drop as well. doctors at the mayo cl
advocacy group filed legal action against several major retailers after tests found potentially dangerous levels of chemicals in upholstered products for children including sleeper and changing pass. other studies have also found similar chemicals in household furniture. >> reporter: the tread way's l living room sofa isn't something you would find in a typical furniture store. they turned to an ecofriendly store called ecohome. >> we read a lot about how they were harmful to your health. >> reporter: a study in the journal environmental science and technology found stuffing in more than 100 sophomore f hu00 the country found that 85% contained potentially hazard downs chemicals. >> they're coming out of the couches into air and dropping into dust. >> reporter: these chemicals were first used to meet requirements in california saying that the upholstery must sustain a flame for 15 seconds. among the chemicals found where were pbdes, voluntarily phased out in 2004 after the epa expressed concern that they were toxic to both humans and the environment. and a toxic ban from children's sleep
's josh mankowicz. >> action. it ranks second only to money as the single most important word in hollywood. and here in l.a. where life and art are often the same thing, there is a real life drama that rivals any action movie with a plot that includes all the elements of classic film noir. >> cut! >> a mystery featuring an assassin, a femme fatale, skpand an actor. let's start with joe peschi, with a name as famous as a cold-blooded killer. his ex-wife, a model and actress, appeared alongside peschi in the gangster film "casino." the supporting cast includes claudia's brother, manny, not an actor but an actual tough guy who did time in prison and who harbors a terrible secret in his past. and finally claudia's second husband, garrett warren, a hollywood stunt man and martial arts expert. a man very familiar with danger. fade in, early evening in the quiet town of westlake village, california outside of l.a. stuntman garrett warren heard a knock on his door and a voice on the other side asking about his new silver volvo parked in the driveway. garrett answered. then comes our first plot twi
, right? do you remember the shoe bomber. now in every airport, action. like something changed. like you said, if not -- >> if this doesn't do it. yeah, this is something we all have to just stop being so just so crazy about in our own minds. some people are so -- about the second amendment that they can't allow themselves to see any sort of way to compromise. >> right. >> other people are so the other way that they can't understand that people like to hunt and people want to feel safe in their own homes and they have a right to defend. yeah. it just seems to me years ago i thought to myself we'll get hate mail i'm sure about this, but get in line. you know, who needs -- what -- who needs an oozie? who needs machine guns unless it's the good guys trying to get the bad guys? >> right. >> you can't hunt with them. they destroy your prey. there's no reason for them except to destroy, anilate, even the ammunition was to have the maximum damage. do we want to be an obscene nation, or do we want to, as the president said last night, do we really want to care not just for our children, but the
, and the different teachers, and dawn hochsprung, who jumped into action. they're charged to keep the health and safety of these children, and you know, the fact they sacrificed their lives so that more lives weren't lost, no matter what your program, no matter your regularly scheduled program is, to pay tribute to those great americans is appropriate. we're doing so tonight, and fully. >> all right. we'll look fraud to that as 7:30. billy, thanks for taking time out with us. we appreciate it. >>> today, christmas morning became a bit more exciting for thousanded of children. earlier today i got the opportunity to help open the salvation army angel tree distribution center. you see by the bagful parents picked up an estimated 40,000 toys. sponsors made the donation through 15 toy drives. one here at nbc4. one parent told me she is grateful for the generosity and the gifts. >> it's joy, happiness. it's a blessing. we have two bikes, and they're going to love it. they're twins. that's what they wanted. they really wanted a bike. >> reporter: those are are santa-size bags. >> yeah. >> reporter:
oozed country in the world doing it. >> reporter: in connecticut sunday, president obama vowed action, but nothing specific. >> in an effort aimed as preventing more tragedies like this. >> reporter: hundreds today went to the in. ra office in washington demanding more gun control, and a staunch nra backer joined the call. west virginia democratic senator joe manchin, an avid hunter, backed bloomberg. >> i don't know of anybody that goes hunting with an assault rifle. >> reporter: gun enthusiast angela brandon is thinking about new options after the shock of newtown. >> honestly i wanted to cry because of the children, but at the same time sometimes i'm not sure that gun control -- more gun control than we actually have is really the reason. >> reporter: ironically the rampage in connecticut has sparked record sales of weapons that buyers fear could soon be banned. senator manchin, democrat of west virginia, who just won reelection by being seen in part in hunter's garb, carrying guns, says his many, many friends in the nra need to get involved in this now whitehot debate. i'm steve h
're getting in on the action at our facebook page and let us know what you might be doing. or if someone has done something for you. >>> some four-legged friends will doing their part to ease the pain in newtown, connecticut. ten gold ep retrievers arrived from chicago much the therapy dogs are part of the lutheran church charities and they hope the dogs can bring smiles to a town that's been plunged into darkness. >> it's a chance to bring mercy and compassion to people. the dogs are good at -- they're unconditional love. >> i don't know. aren't they just as innocent as the children. maybe that's the innocence. you just want to embrace them. have a little bit of that innocence in us. >> the comfort dog program as it's called, started in 2008. after a shooting northern illinois university that killed five students. hopefully the dogs bring a smile to their faces and bring them comfort. >> awesome idea. everything that they can do to try to help out those kids up there. need to make it happen. >>> it is 21 minutes after 6:00. we want to get a look at our forecast at this point this morning. t
wintry action for us. >> a look outside this morning. nothing to see right now. tom says things could change relatively soon, right, tom? >> by later this morning we could get wintry precipitation but right now it's all dry. we have clouds passing over us. by the way the storm out west in california, there's some flight delays around san francisco if you plan on heading there or anyone leaving from there. right now low clouds around the metro area and most of maryland and virginia. a few breaks in the clouds here in the panhandle of west virginia and down in southern shenandoah valley. we have some rain now beginning to show up in southwestern virginia, kentucky, tennessee, the carolinas heading that way you'll drive into rain. it's all above freezing there. closer to us it's below freezing. all of these areas in the dark blue are in the 20s and that includes most of virginia, most of maryland except near the waters. reagan national is at 32. 20 degrees to upper teens in a few locations. roanoke getting rain and 42. this warmer air will begin to move in here by later today. as it does
in waiting, now a british hospital may take action after getting tricked. >>> if a police officer sees you texting and driving in maryland, or the district, they can pull you over and write you a ticket. it's a different story in virginia. there, texting behind the wheel is only a secondary offense. >> adam tuss is live in tysons tonight on why there is a push to change the laws in the commonwealth. >> reporter: well, wendy, this is an issue we all can relate to. the urge to send a text or answer a message while driving. here in the commonwealth of virginia, some say it's hit a point that's simply unacceptable. you don't have to be out on the roads long to see it. drivers texting. some even cruising down the interstate at high speeds. we saw this driver rolling along at 60 miles per hour today. he just kept rolling, and rolling, and about 20 seconds later put down the phone. it makes some people downright angry. >> i understand we're in a world that's kind of an accepted practice. but i think people need to stop and realize how dangerous that is to themselves and other drivers. >> it's a h
activity. north and west will be dry. no problems there action maybe a sprinkle, maybe a flurry, but it's not going to cause any problems. on wednesday, the second day of the new year breezy and cold, maybe the coldest day, as highs will stay in the 30s all day. it's going to be cold. this is what you can expect, temperatures around midnight coming in around that 34 degree mark to cloudy and looking good. cold on thursday, friday, saturday sunday, looking good as we head toward the next redskins game. >>> still ahead, jessica simpson shows off her baby bump, the bikini photo that's turns heads. plus -- >>> the first same-sex weddings will be held here at 12:01. they'll begin a new year and new life together. i'll have the story ahead. >>> after the redskins' big win. it's time for a playoff edition of "the cooley report." dan and chris join us live. >>> still ahead the murder rate is at historic lows, but the city's police officers say they are tired of working >>> you notice, the postgame interviews s. you just couldn't find two more humble guys, hellie. >> robert griffin iii and alfre
or snow showers action best chance will stay to the south. temperatures 38 to about 43 degrees. once again, tuesday, the first day of 2013 could be better, but it's not that bad. 38 droes on our wednesday. that's the cold day. temperatures back to around 40 on thursday, and then another day in the 30s on friday. so we have a bit of a cold stretch. it does look like things will moderate. seared and sunday both looking good. the seahawks on sunday. gametime temperature around 40 degrees. >> even you looked cold down there last night. >> it was chilly, but i had so many layers on. i have learned my lens son. i had stuff on you don't want to know about. >> we'll leave it therivities and we won't use or imagination sdproo culling up on "news4 at 6," some gale couples are celebrating the new year at the altar. >>> a teenager was hit crossing. -- and police search for the driver. >>> chris cooley joins me for "the cooley report." we're talking big win over the cowboys and what's on the highsen. and how the other rookie alfred 6" continues. >>> most of us watching tv, it's the biggest party on the
avenue on the inner loop. 10-minute drive time. veronica and richard. >>> 4:42. still to come, action after the tragedy at sandy hook. president obama's message on gun control heading into the new career. >>> the [ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. [ female announcer ] go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds with totino's pizza rolls and grab a bite of snack-defying, satisfying... because pizza...never...misses. it's on. let's roll. >>> the 3wbody of the man who fired inside a -- the hartfo"ha couran courant". before going to nearby sandy hook elementary school, killing 20 first graders and six adults and then he killed himself. a private funeral was held for lanza's mother. >>> since the connecticut shootings, a debate on gun control escalated from a simmer to a boil. just after the shootings, president obama promised to do something to prevent a similar incident from happening. yesterday on "meet the press" ye
the benghazi attacks on officials under her command and the action that state department takes in order to prevent any future attacks like the one in libya. >> secretary clinton has indicated she will implement all of them. my message to the state department has been very simple. and that is, we're going to solve this. >> reporter: now a new senate report released today also sharply criticizes the state department while widening the blame as well, finding fault with the pentagon and white house. clinton told the committee chair she's committed to working with them once she recovers and will appear before them once she gets the go ahead from her doctors. republicans want to hear from clinton in person before they'll consider confirming her successor. >> i've been told from senator kerry he wants that approach also. he needs to hear what she says so he can make comments about i agree with her, i don't agree with her. it makes sense to have her go first. >> clinton's spokesman has not said where the blood clot is located. doctors not involved in her case say if in her legs it's easily trea
to broadcast the call as appalling. the immediate consequences of these premeditated and ill considered actions was the humiliation of two dedicated nurses who were just doing their job. the jacintha saldanha's husband has paid tribute to his wife on facebook. "i am devastated with the tragic loss of my life in tragic circumstances." this is a tragedy that touches three continents. in india her sister-in-law says she was beautiful. in britain a nurse who used to work with her came to her defense. >> if it's somebody's place with a clearance policy, i don't know what i would have done or anybody else must have done. >> reporter: london police have told australian authorities they may be interested in speaking to the deejays about this prank. now in this letter, the chairman goes on to say the outcome was unforeseeable and very regrettable and that the company is taking immediate action and reviewing the broadcast and processes involved. i understand that the deejays themselves are in quite a fragile state but they are very keen to speak to the media and that we may be hearing from them as soon a
at who pulled the trigger but who prompted that? is there an organization that prompted that action? and if there was, we are going after that organization. >> reporter: it is a philosophical change that has resulted in a 9% drop in robberies. 15% drop in shootings. 20% drop in breaking and entergs and a 7.5% drop in overall crime. >> to have a crime you have to have a victim, suspect a location. now we are attacking all three of those. >> reporter: prince george's county, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> the chief credits the drop in crime to the work of the police force and work with county counsel till and executive's office. >> when we come back on "news4 at 5:00," a town in texas says it is okay to have guns in the classroom. ing in fact, their teachers are armed today. >>> you will soon be able to put the pedal to the >>> as the people of newtown, connecticut, try to deal with the tragedy at sandy hook, we are hearing about people from all over coming together to show their support. many of them performing a simple act of kindness to help. one man in california sent money to town
and is considering taking legal action against the radio station. >>> in the philippines, the death toll is climbing after a powerful typhoon lashed parts of the south pacific. this morning the number of deaths climbs to 350 and about 400 people are still missing. many of the dead and unaccounted for are from the southern parts of the nation. in one area, about 80 villagers and soldiers died if a flash flood that swamped two emergency shelters. a national weather service in the u.s. is reconsidering how they're issuing warnings. they're considering a new plan even if storms are no longer a hurricane or tropical storm. some have criticized the national hurricane center because it stopped issuing hurricane warnings after sandy's wind speeds dropped, which many have said caused people to disregard the danger of storm. meantime, the senate transportation committee will hold a meeting today to discuss thousand storm damaged transportation. >>> meantime, the district is about to get more help from the federal government for sandy cleanup. president obama has declared a major disaster in d.c. he ordered fe
for immediate action is now. he called for a bipartisan agreement and said to congressional leaders, warning them the public's patience has worn out. after an hour-long closed-door meeting with the president, both the democratic and republican congressional leaders left the white house without saying a word. later, president obama weighed in. >> the american people are not going to have any patience for a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. not right now. the economy is growing, but sustaining that trend is going to require elected officials to do their jobs. >> reporter: and back at the capitol, senate majority leader, harry reid, described the meeting as constructive. >> we're out of time. we've got to do it now. that's why the next 24 hours will be very important. >> reporter: a source familiar with the talks told nbc news the president reiterated the proposal he presented before leaving on vacation last week. calling for, among other things, a tax cut extension for those making $250,000 or less. and extending unemployment benefits that are set to expire. the source says the
and regular parents. tonight people worldwide are taking action. some are buying dinner for strangers. others coffee for firefighters. some are donating money to teachers' fund. one woman is making hats for 26 newborns at a local hospital. another ribbons for co-workers to wear in memory of those lost. we here at news 4 and nbc news are in. tell us on facebook and twitter what you might do. tell us if some one else has done something for you or you can simply read the messages and take solace and hope in the random acts of kindness taking place all around us. >> that's cool. >> great idea. >> great. >> nice to focus on something positive. >> for sure. good changes in our weather? improvements? >> depend on who you are. if you are one of the people enjoying the warm temperatures you have some of that left. if you have been waiting for the cold and so many people have been asking -- when is it really going to start to feel like winter. the answer to that question, friday. let's look at how things are out there earlier tonight. the kids enjing zoo lights. at the national zoo. what a great shot t
are the teachers. >> whatever actions they took that diverted attention i'm sure. they're the ones that are responsible for her being here with us today. >> reporter: now tonight there is still no word on when the relocad sandy hook elementary school will reopen, in part because there is still so much more mourning to do. tomorrow three wakes and four funerals are scheduled. brian? >> unbelievable. anne thompson in newtown, connecticut tonight. thanks. >>> what happened there at sandy hook elementary school in newtown is sadly so similar to what happened in a small town a long way away from here in scotland, almost 17 years ago. the people there more than most know what newtown is going through and what may lie ahead for them. tons nbc's keir simmons reports from the town of dunblane. >> reporter: in dunblane tonight they are lighting candles for the children of newtown. and for their own. 16 children, ages 5 and 6, and their elementary school teacher killed in 1996 by a heavily-armed gunman who then killed himself. >> the security and innocence of a scottish village was shattered
by the actions of adults who died. principal dawn hochsprung, special ed teacher ann marie murphy. substitute teacher lauren russeau. mary sherlach, the school psychologist. victoria soto's family says she barricaded students in a closet and stood between them and the gunman. >> she loved those students more than anything. and she didn't call them her students. she called them her kids. she loved they have so much. >> reporter: rachel davino was working on her phd, helping kids with autism. her aunt says her boyfriend was planning to propose this christmas eve. kate snow, nbc news, sandy hook, connecticut. >> at that same interfaith service last night in newtown, president obama sounded both sad and exasperated about gun violence. and he said enough is enough. >> we can't tolerate this anymore. these tragedies must end. and to end them, we must change. no single law, no set of laws, can eliminate evil from the world or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society. but that can't be an excuse for inaction. surely we can do better than this. >> the president said he would use the powe
action here ooh flicks were huge hits. "the avengers" and "the dark knight rises" also passed the $1 billion mark. >>> tired of hear the same old phrases. there's a banished words list for 2013. laker superior state university compiled the list. the top word right there on your screen -- fiscal cliff won the most nomination. also, kick the can down the road --. 6. >>> lowly here at the end of the year. by tomorrow -- >> like that. the other word they say is now overused. we used it one time on the air. kim-ye. we will never say that again. >> our lips are sealed. >> how about "snow"? >> i would love to say that. >> freezing. >> you don't like that at all. >> but as far as rain or snow goes, not a lot of chances, though you may see a couple flurries or sprinkles. right now you can see plenty of cloud cover. they've been here just about all day long. not too bad. once again, average high temperatures this time of year low 40s. that's exactly where we are, currently sitting at 40 degrees at the airport. winds out of the southwest at 8 miles an hour, it does give us a windchill of 33 deg
is reviewing possible action >> the federal government may prosecute anyone who uses marijuana on federal land, marijuana on federal land, parks, courthouses, and could go after the large-scale growers who supply the marijuana. >> reporter: but attitudes towards pot may be changing, where just say no filling tv screens now shows pot as a suburban staple. in a new poll, americans favor it being legal, 51-44%. >> i think cigarettes and alcohol are a lot more dangerous. >> i personally don't do it or encourage my kids to do it. >> reporter: next month, colorado will make possession there legal, while at least five other states are expected to take up the matter soon. more debates just getting fired up as washington state tries to navigate the still hazy logistics of legalizing pot. kristen dahlgren, los angeles. >>> and now to d.c., on the fiscal cliff, 26 days to go before the deadline. president obama was back at it campaign-style. went to the home of one middle class family in virginia, saying if the middle class tax cuts expire when the deadline hits it will cost the family an equivalent of a
. >>> a class-action lawsuit over some of the new hybrid cars. lawsuit says the automaker fudged the gas mileage capabilities for the 2013 c max fusion and fusion hybrid models. ford said both get 47 miles to the gallon but a recent consumer report study showed that it's actually as much as 10 miles fewer per gallon than they claim. kia and hyundai had to change their mileage numbers after admitting they botched the test process. >>> wall street is keeping a close eye on the fiscal cliff. let's check in with cnbc hampton here son as he joins us live with more and the rest of the day's business headlines. hey, hampton. >> how you doing. stocks in negative territory. wall street is less optimistic about the leaders avoiding going over the fiscal cliff before the end of the year. at this hour, major averages the dow is down about 67 points. the nasdaq down 9. president obama has called top congressional leaders to a 3:00 p.m. meeting at the white house but lile indication of even a short term plan to avoid major tax hikes and spending cuts from automatically kicking in on january 1st. markets are w
a little tomato action. and then because we don't want any segment to be without booze, we have beer. >> okay. >> you need to have a sip of one? >> no. >> only when i start to twitch. >> then we let that all cook up. put the lid on and cook it for 45 minutes to an hour. look at this fabulous chili. >> is that the same thing? >> it's the same thing all cooked down. >> taste it klg. >> that's all right. we're used to that here. >> a nice spoon, too. >> aye drink the beer while you guys -- >> it's a really good, light, one-pot meal option. >> hot but good. >> hot. >> i think that happened last time i was here. >> hot. >> that was my ultimate plan anyway. >> good job. >> the next one is another pork loin chili. if you want something meatier, we started with onions, garlic, peppers and put our herbs in. we've got chili pepper, cayenne, cumin and brown sugar. my secret ingredient. i browned the pork loin and took the lean cut and browned it and took it back out. and we're going to add it back in and let it simmer a little bit. if you want to help me dump in everything, that is a little bit
not have to wait and see is some sort of action. if we don't see an agreement between the two leaders in the senate, i expect a bill to go on the floor and i've asked senator reid to do this, put a bill on the floor that makes sure taxes on middle-class families don't go up, unemployment insurance is still available, and that lays the groundwork then for additional deficit reduction and economic growth steps that we can take in the new year, but let's not miss this deadline. that's the bare minimum we should be able to get done. >>> senate leaders say they hope to reach a compromise that could be presented to lawmakers by sunday, a little more than 24 hours before the deadline. >>> and don't miss "meet the press" on sunday morning. david gregory will interview president obama exclusively just hours before the fiscal cliff deadline. "meet the press" airs at 10:30 on monday morning. >>> police locked up tonight after a brazen crime spree. as jack write benson reports, one of the victims had choice words for those who were arrested. >> reporter: the occupants of this stolen car are -- i'
it out alive. >>> legal action following the connecticut school shooting. why families of the young survivors want to go to court. >>> and we are tracking the winter storm that's headed our way this morning. crews are out treating the roads right now. we have everything you need to know as snow and rain move in. >>> it is 6:09. welcome back. a live look right now outside union station. seeing that wind having its way with that flag right now. we do have some dry conditions in our immediate area, but changes are on the way. veronica will have the snow forecast in a few minutes. >>> this morning, police in virginia are investigating how a man died after his body was found in a van on the side of the road. an officer discovered the vehicle at the intersection chambridge road. homicide investigators were called in because of what they call suspicious circumstances. >>> one person is dead and two others seriously hurt after a fire ripped through a townhouse in prince george's county. flames ripped through the entire home, burning right through the roof. police have not released the name
. >> where will it end? >>> ford facing a class action lawsuit over gas mileage on some of its cars. the lawsuit says the automaker fudged the gas mileage for the 2013 hybrid and fusion hybrid models. both get 47 miles to the gallon supposedly. a recent study found it's as much as ten miles per gallon fewer than ford claims. recently, kia and hyundai also had to amend their mileage numbers after they admitted they fudged the test process. >>> the northeast is cleaning up this morning from the first major winter storm of the season. some areas saw as much as 18 inches of snow from the power storm. areas like buffalo, new york, and burlington, vermont haven't seen this much snow -- this is my question. isn't that a machine right there? why is he using the hand-held one. haven't seen this much snow since 2010. travel is treacherous in many areas. >> using muscle, that's all. >> those traveling by plane are hoping to get off the ground. more than 2,000 flights have been canceled this week leaving many stranded. the storm has caused delays at airports as far as l.a. so far, there aren't
in memory of the 20 children and six adults killed. people worldwide are taking action by donating money to teacher's funds. one woman makes hats for 26 newborns at her local hospital. we would like you to also contribute. check out our ieg facebook page and lus us know what you might do or if someone has done something special for you. >>> some four-legged friends are offering a helping paw to try to ease the pain in newtown, connecticut. ten golden retrievers arrived from chicago. they are mart of a lutheran church charities and hope they can bring some smiles to a town that's been plunged into darkness. >> a chance to bring, i think, mercy and compassion to people. and the dogs are good at -- they're unconditional love. >> maybe it's their innocence, i don't know. aren't they just as innocent as the children? maybe that's the innocence and you just want to embrace them and have a little bit of that -- >> the comfort dog program, as it's called, started in 2008 after a shooting at northern illinois university that left five students dead. >>> right now, the redskins are in the holiday
the attack on officials under her command and recommended 29 actions the state department take to prevent future attacks like the one in libya. >> secretary clinton is going to implement all of them. my message to the state department's been simple. that's we are going to solve this. >> a new senate report also sharply criticizes the state department while widening blame as well, find fault with the pentagon and white house. clinton told committee chairs she's committed to working with them when she recovers and will appear once she gets the go ahead from doctors. they want to hear from clinton in person before they will consider her successor. >> senator kerry wants to hear what she says so he can make comments about i agree with her or i don't. it makes sense to have her go first. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. clinton's spokesman has not said where the clock is located. >> new, the homeland security has a new report criticizing the state department for the response to the u.s. consulate attack in libya. senator collins and lieberman released the report moments ago. the committe
of fredericksburg, culpepper, madison and orange. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., a break in the action coming our way. it will still be cloudy and drizzly outside but the steadier rains will be gone for at least a little while. this next batch of rain down across kentucky and tennessee, that's about 12 hours away. if it stays on track and on pace. so, we have more rain chances coming in for after sundown tonight. you can see the rain lifting out for now. a rainy morning will turn into a cloudy and drizzly afternoon today. warm front just down to our south. it startss8@ surgeÇxugh the5=dar tonight. vt wk as it comes through, it will follow the heavier band of rain showers out. you'll notice temperature may start to rise overnight tonight and into tomorrow, temperatures will surge into the 60s tomorrow. off and on shower chances through much of your monday but i think we'll front-load it. rain chances early in the '/07ig evening time frame. then a weather front, cold front comes through here. that will finally turn off our rain chances. sunshine and chilly dry december-like weather returns tuesday n
governor o'malley hopes to take action to help prevent mass shootings like the one at sandy hook elementary. o'malley says he believes everyone has been changed by th introduce new legislation. the details haven't been worked out yet but governor o'malley says could it focus on laws related to assault weapons, mental health, and school safety. >>> stay with news4 and for continuing coverage of the tragedy at sandy hook. the impact that the shootings are having across the country and here in our area. at 4:30 we will discuss the nation's mental health crisis and what is stopping many vulnerable people from getting the help they need. >>> now the story of a journalist's ordeal that nearly ended in tragedy for our network. nbc nbc news corporate den richard engel is speaking for the first time since syrian kidnappers released him and his production team. bullets were flying as they made their escape overght in the middle of a fire fight along the northwestern boarder with turkey. this started last thursday when the news team crossed into syria from turkey. engel says at least
these remarks himself and i can tell you it contained a more forceful call to action than even some close aides had expected. before that he met privately with first responders and families of victims. the daughter of sandy hook principal, dawn hochsprung, tweeted these pictures of the president holding her daughter, and said mom would be so proud but not as proud as i am of her. >> savannah, classes are set to resume wednesday for the students of sandy hook, but they'll be held at a school in a neighboring town for the foreseeable future as you might expect. the investigation into the shooting is raising the possibility that the death toll could have been even worse. the gunman, adam lanza, found with hundreds of rounds of high-powered ammunitions. s savannah? >> coming up, we'll take a closer look at lanza's relationship with his first victim, his own mother, nancy. and some are asking this morning why, if she knew her son had a history of mental issues, did she keep guns in her home? what kind of woman was she? we'll talk about that with four of her good friends, matt. >> churches across the
action on capitol hill today, and could they avert the fiscal cliff. >>> and it's sunday, december 30th, 2012. let's talk about the redskins. get ready, fans. today could be a day that either makes or breaks the burgundy and gold. they face the dallas cowboys and everything is on the line. >> winning means clinching the east and a spot in the playoffs, and we h
obama promised action on gun control. the president pledged change in 2013. >> i'm going to put forward a package and put my full weight behind it. i'm going to be making an argument to the american people about were this is important and why we have to do efg we can to make sure that something like this never happens again. this is something that -- that was the worst day of my presidency. it's not something that i want to see repeated. >> the president says he supports increased background checks and bans on assault weapons and high capacity bullet magazines. >>> a solemn weekend for the town of webster, new york. thousands turned out to say goodbye to two firefighters killed in a christmas eve ambush. michael chiapperini and tomasz coe zow ka were killed when a  man opened fire on the responding firefighters. two other firefighters were wounded but they are expected to recover. >>> venezuelan president hugo chavez is suffering setbacks from cancer surgery. his vice president says chavez is dealing with new complications. doctors in cuba are treating him for a respiratory infection.
rules to put them in all new cars and trucks. it automatically records the actions of the driver and the car's response in a continuous loop. they can use the box to determine the cause of crashes. but privacy advocates say the box is intrusive and can be misused. >>> a capitol police officer is in the hospital after being hit by a car. it happened around 8:30 on massachusetts avenue in northeast d.c. we're told the officer was hit during a trafblling stop. her condition has not been released. >>> this morning a gaithersburg family is worried a pack of wild animals will strike again. coyotes or possibly wild dogs killed several sheep on the family farm off woodfield road. this is the second incident like this in two weeks. the family now fears the animals could also attack a person or even a child. >>> several people are hurt as a 7.3 earthquake hit off the coast of japan this morning. this all happened near the city of sendai. that is the same place that was hit hard by a 9.0 quake in march of 2011. no reports of any damage, and the reported injuries appear to be non-life threat
surprised by his actions. some of them, like j. k., thought hall might be a wannabe, a pretender who gets his kicks by confessing to crimes he didn't commit. >> is it possible he's obsessed with these cases but not involved? >> there's no doubt in my mind that he does follow these cases, that he does read and is attracted to cases all over the country. so the question does come, is he a wannabe? >> deputy sheriff miller and prosecutor beaumont, however, felt certain they had a real killer on their hands, a serial killer with a unique m.o. he would drive cross country to reenactments where he played fantasy soldier, then prey on young women and kill for real. >> the fbi started discovering girls that were, in fact, missing at these various areas at the time larry hall would have been there. >> but the only case for which prosecutors had sufficient evidence was jesse roach's. larry hall was arrested in connection with her death even though he denied making that confession to miller. hall went on trial in 1995. >> as a prosecutor, what's the best card you're holding? >> we had his statement,
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